God rewards those whowork hard to prolong their success.

1. Corporate Mission:TENDENCY(TDC) is an expression of leading the hinge market to become bigger and stronger, seeking sustainable development, and achieving the banner of the industry and the lofty ideals of leaders.

2.Product Value: TENDENCY(TDC) is the pursuit of durable and durable hardware and household products, and the pursuit of leading fashion and innovative features that never fall behind.

TENDENCY (TDC) has a broad strategic vision, focusing on dynamic technological innovation, excellent production management, and streamlined business operations. Our company's development plan revolves around "small hardware, large industry, high quality, and long-term foundation." With a positive and open mindset, TENDENCY (TDC) welcomes new opportunities and challenges arising from its internationalization strategy.

Our History

What Make Us Special

The history of TDC: The first family production line was born


The first family production line was born

We have been making hinges for generations, and my grandfather’s family is also a family of hardware manufacturers. We have always had great advantages in core technologies and key processes such as welding, heat treatment, coating, electroplating and painting in the hinge manufacturing process.

The history of TDC:Residents of the town produce hinges in small workshops


Drive the whole township to form multiple small workshops with production hinges

Under the background of the rapid development of industrial economy, the market demand for hardware products is huge. We use our own production technology to lead many people to invest in hardware manufacturing.

The history of TDC: Become a Supplier of Shanghai Real Estate Contractors


Become a Supplier of Shanghai Real Estate Contractors

From small hardware store supplier to job site construction hinge supplier

The history of TDC: Create new development models


Create new development models

The development and construction of the hardware, mechanical and electrical market is dominated by the real estate development model, and forms a cooperative relationship with traders in the form of shop sales and leasing.

The history of TDC: Combination of market and industry area


Combination of market and industry area

Connect with the local needs and industrial development of the Yangtze River Delta region led by Shanghai to meet challenges, build a good platform, and integrate resources well.

The history of TDC: Independent and original, change life with design


Independent and original, change life with design

Established its own research and development department to manufacture furniture hinges for world-renowned brands. Here, each hinge undergoes rigorous craftsmanship, and each serious procedure is only to ensure the perfection of the hinge.

The history of TDC: Provide a platform for new sales models


Provide a platform for new sales models

Focus on platforms, systems and services, and develop e-commerce.

The history of TDC: International Benchmarking


International Benchmarking

Based on the international perspective, with the international craft standards as a reference, insist on demanding ourselves with standards higher than the industry norm, comprehensively improve the hard power of products, and craft a new generation of hinges.

The history of TDC: Certificates of Honor and Awards


Innovative technology, breaking through the imagination of the future

After more than 30 years of hard work, we have more than ten independent inventions and utility model patents. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, SGS product testing standard certification, American ANSI/KCMA product testing standard certification, etc., becoming one of the most influential furniture hardware brands at home and abroad.

The history of TDC: Exquisite craftsmanship Euro Cabinet Hinges


Exquisite craftsmanship, only for the achievement of high-quality goods

Continue to uphold the spirit of "fine craftsman", develop pragmatically, and work hard to become the static guard of your fine furniture hardware manufacturer.