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TDC Soft Close Cabinet Hinges: Quickly Search for Your Ideas

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TDC door cabinet hinges can provide comprehensive cover support for home decoration, with excellent workmanship, and the strength and life of the hinges far exceed the American KCMA standard.

Almost all of our hinges are made of cold-rolled steel, which is formed by one-time stamping, with a thick feel and a smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick surface coating, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity.

Accommodates various temperature adjustments and door panel weights. It handles it comfortably and ensures smooth opening and closing, even in cold winters or hot summers.

TENDENCY HARDWARE specializes in the production of high-quality hinges, such as: butt hinges, barrel hinges, T-shaped hinges, belt hinges, welded hinges, stainless steel hinges, lift hinges, unique hinges, spring hinges, brass hinges and other door hinge hardware R&D, manufacturing and sales.

We make standardized hardware, such as butt hinges, adjustable hinges, chain-guards, fasteners, flush bolts, patio door tandem rollers, sash locks, strike plates, surface bolts, tilt pins, viewers, according to American National Standards (ANS), using industry’ accepted standards in the metallic materials, hardness, sizes, dimensions, finishes, shapes, forms, and texture.

Testing standards of ASTM B-117 is used to test our hardware’s resistance to corrosion.